Guest guide

Hi! You are invited to guest on a podcast. This guide will help you get everything set up. Don’t worry, it’s easy!

1. The room where it happens 🚪

First, find a quiet room with little echo. A furnished room with carpet and lots of things on the walls will often work better than an empty conference room, for example. Snap your fingers and listen – does it bounce around or does it quickly fade out? You’ll want the latter. Oh, also turn off noisy AC units, fans, computers and rowdy colleagues.

2. Microphone check one-two 🎤

For the best quality, use an external microphone if you have one. If you don’t have one, use a headset, or your phone’s (wired) earbuds with a built-in microphone. Ultimately, you can locate the microphone on your computer, get a little closer and use that – although you should know it probably won’t sound very flattering …

3. Headphones or bust 🎧

This is pretty essential: wear headphones or earbuds during the interview. It ensures the best audio quality and prevents your microphone from accidentally picking up feedback. No headphones = no bueno.

4. Click the link 👆🏻

We’ll send you a link to a web app we use to record the interview. Due to technical limitations, you’ll need to use the Chrome browser for this. Other than that, there’s nothing to install or worry about. Just click on the link at the time we agreed for the interview. After a brief setup, we should be able to hear each other.

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