We help you
tell your story
through audio.

With podcasts and audio on demand for marketing, content and communication.

Use the power of sound

Ears, not eyeballs

These days, stories are often told through video. But making video is expensive, it’s resource intensive, and there’s a limit to the time we can spend watching screens. So if you truly want to capture an audience, you’ll need to target their ears.

Podcasts are a very intimate medium. They join you for a morning run, on your commute, while cooking or doing the dishes… With an internal employee podcast, a training course, or an audio tour in a city or museum, you can in turn reach a very specific audience.

There are plenty of opportunities for audio storytelling. And that’s where Playbird comes in. We help you tell your story through audio.

Podcasts have a huge and growing audience, with higher brand awareness, consideration, favorability and purchase intent than other forms of media.

Check the BBC’s ‘Audio:Activated’ study for a detailed analysis.

Working together

We don’t use ready-made recipes at Playbird, but this is usually how we tackle a project. Get in touch to talk about any specific wishes and ideas.


It starts with a concept

Every project begins with defining a strategy. Together, we explore how we can use podcasts and audio on demand to tell your story, and communicate with your audience.


A professional production

Depending on the project, we provide technical and/or creative input. We can even take care of the whole package – research, script, hosting, recording, music, and distribution.


Building your audience

Together, we’ll figure out the perfect marketing mix to market and promote your podcast. Then we analyse the results and evaluate.

About us

Playbird was founded by Mei Van Walleghem and Lennart Schoors, who started working together at a local radiostation over 15 years ago.

Lennart published his first podcast all the way back in 2006, and spent several years in digital strategy and design. Mei brings her strong background in communi­cations and marketing to the table, looking at audio stories through a journalistic eye.

We are based in Ghent, Belgium, but we’re not bound by (language) barriers.